YouTuber Faces 20 Years in Jail for Staging Plane Crash to Boost Views

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In a shocking incident that has captured the attention of the world, YouTuber Trevor Jacob is facing up to 20 years in jail for staging a plane crash to boost views on his channel. Jacob, who is a pilot, posted a video titled “I crashed my airplane” that has been viewed by nearly three million people. The video shows him ejecting from the plane mid-air and parachuting into a forest. The plane then crashes into the ground, and Jacob films himself hiking to the wreckage and struggling to find civilization. This article will explore the details of the incident and the legal repercussions Jacob is facing.

The Incident:

In November 2021, Trevor Jacob posted a video on his YouTube channel that showed him flying over southern California in a single-engine plane. In the video, he appears to experience engine trouble and ejects from the plane mid-air, selfie stick in hand. The plane then crashes into the Los Padres National Forest. Cameras placed all over the aircraft show its out-of-control descent and eventual crash.

Jacob then films himself hiking to the wreckage and struggling to find civilization. He is seen bushwhacking through poison oak, over hills, and giving regular updates about how thirsty he is and how lost he feels. Finally, he stops to scoop water from a stream and moments later comes across a vehicle and apparent salvation as night falls.

Investigation and Legal Repercussions:

In the weeks after the incident, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launched a probe into the crash. Jacob was ordered to preserve the wreckage, but he cut up the plane into small pieces and dumped the parts in rubbish bins in and around Lompoc City Airport.

The FAA yanked Jacob’s pilot’s license in April 2022. In a plea agreement, Jacob admitted he intended to obstruct federal authorities when he disposed of the wreckage and created the video to make money through sponsorship with a wallet company. He has agreed to plead guilty to one count of destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation, a crime that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison.


The case of Trevor Jacob’s staged plane crash shocked the world and raised important questions about ethics and accountability in the world of social media. While the incident has brought attention to Jacob’s channel, it has also resulted in legal repercussions that could have serious consequences. As we continue to explore the impact of social media on society, it is important to consider the potential risks and harms that can come from seeking views and attention at any cost.

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