Tires, Toxins, and Troubled Waters: The Lethal Threat to Salmon

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In the heart of our tires lies a lethal secret: 6PPD, a chemical threatening the survival of Pacific Northwest salmon.

Since the 1950s, tire manufacturers have used 6PPD to extend tire lifespan, unknowingly endangering crucial species.

6PPD transforms into 6PPD-quinone, a toxic byproduct devastatingly discharged into waterways, endangering salmon.

Shockingly, 6PPD-q ranks as the second most toxic chemical to aquatic species, spelling doom for endangered coho salmon.

California's salmon fishing industry is in shambles, a casualty of polluted rivers and 6PPD-induced salmon deaths.

At least 135 other species, including orcas, eagles, bears, and wolves, rely on salmon and steelhead for sustenance.

The economic ripple effect is staggering, with 16,000 jobs at stake in the west coast's fishing industry.

Tire companies, aware of viable alternatives, continue to violate the Endangered Species Act, imperiling critical fish populations.

The Environmental Protection Agency steps in, acknowledging the lethal impact of 6PPD-quinone on salmon and taking regulatory action.

Earthjustice fights back, filing a lawsuit against major tire manufacturers, demanding accountability for imperiling endangered salmon.