Salmon Under Threat: The Battle to Ban the Killer Chemical in Tires

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Our story begins with a perilous threat to salmon—6PPD, a chemical lurking in car tires. The EPA has heard the alarm and gears up for action.

Three Native Tribes and several states have petitioned for help, recognizing the urgent need to save salmon populations from the lethal grip of 6PPD.

The journey towards protection unfolds, but be patient; the EPA's regulations will take years to come into effect. First, they want tire manufacturers to reveal hidden health and safety studies.

The turning point in this saga was a groundbreaking University of Washington study, funded by the EPA, connecting 6PPD to mass coho salmon fatalities in urban waters.

Scientific consensus grows stronger as follow-up studies by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Geological Survey reinforce the grim link between 6PPD and salmon mortality.

But why is 6PPD even in tires? Major manufacturers use it to extend tire life, reducing wear and tear. The unintended consequence: endangering the salmon we treasure.

While testing in Alaska's pristine waters remains limited, preliminary findings from Anchorage in 2021 are chilling.

Lethal levels of 6PPD threaten coho salmon, jeopardizing one of the largest salmon runs in the nation.

As the narrative unfolds, it's not just about salmon; it's about preserving our ecosystems. The battle against 6PPD is a fight for the environment.

Salmon enthusiasts and environmentalists unite in this journey, highlighting the urgency of protecting our waterways from pollution, even if it's hidden in tires.

Join us in the quest to safeguard these remarkable creatures. The EPA's efforts signify a turning point in a battle that will decide the fate of salmon in the United States.

As we near the end of this narrative, remember, we all have a role to play in protecting the environment. Let this story be a reminder of our shared responsibility for the world we live in.