PFAS and Our Bones: Unveiling the Hidden Threat to Future Health

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Unravel the concealed menace: PFAS, a pervasive chemical, may jeopardize bone development in children and young adults.

A unique study reveals that PFOS, a type of PFAS, is linked to lower bone mineral density, hinting at future bone health concerns.

The study focuses on 328 overweight Hispanic children and 158 young adults, delving into PFAS blood serum levels over time.

Past research lacked depth, but this study goes beyond by tracking associations over time, offering a holistic perspective.

Emily Beglarian, lead author, highlights the significance of studying bone health in Hispanic populations often neglected in research.

With over 12,000 PFAS chemicals present in water and blood, their prevalence in the US raises alarming health implications.

PFAS exposure has been linked to various health issues, including cancer, kidney disease, and thyroid disorders.

Last week, PFOS was classified as possibly carcinogenic, reinforcing the growing concerns about the health risks associated with PFAS.

While PFAS's impact on bone health is a new area of study, previous research suggests it disrupts bone material formation.

The study underscores consistent bone health issues in young adults, even with lower PFAS levels, emphasizing the need for robust regulations.

Journey into the future: Researchers plan to explore lifelong impacts, cellular-level effects, and the evolving threat of newer, unregulated PFAS.