45% of Tap Water in the US Contains "Forever Chemicals," Affecting Human Health

45% of Tap Water in the US Contains "Forever Chemicals," Affecting Human Health

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Forever chemicals are man-made substances that remain in the environment and our bodies for a long time.

A new study reveals that almost half of the tap water in the US is contaminated with "forever chemicals," known as PFAS.

PFAS exposure is linked to health problems such as cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and hormone suppression.

The highest concentrations of PFAS in drinking water were found in the Great Plains, the Great Lakes, the Eastern Seaboard, and Central/Southern California.

Contamination was mostly found near urban areas and in areas that generated PFAS, such as manufacturing that uses the chemicals in its products or sites where waste was collected.

It's important for people to understand their risk of exposure through tap water and check their local utility website to get its most recent water report.

Water filters, such as carbon filters and reverse osmosis filtering systems, can be used to reduce exposure, but they have to be changed regularly.

The EPA has proposed the first national drinking water standards for six PFAS chemicals, which set the allowable levels so low that they could not be easily detected.

Cleaning up PFAS from drinking water is going to be a costly challenge, but it's necessary to protect public health.

This story aims to raise awareness about the risks of PFAS exposure and offers practical tips to reduce exposure to these toxic chemicals.

By taking proactive steps to reduce exposure to PFAS in drinking water, we can protect our health and the health of our loved ones.

Let's demand action to protect our drinking water from "forever chemicals"! Contact your representatives and push for stronger regulations and cleanup efforts.