Witness the Full 'Flower Moon' Eclipse this Weekend

Witness the Full 'Flower Moon' Eclipse this Weekend

This weekend, the full 'Flower Moon' will move through part of Earth's shadow and be eclipsed for a few hours.

The event will be visible to viewers in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and parts of Europe.

The eclipse will take place between 15:14 UTC and 19:31 UTC on May 5, with maximum eclipse at 17:22 UTC.

The full Flower Moon will appear bright and full all over the world on May 5 to May 7.

The eclipse occurs because Earth will sit precisely between the sun and the moon.

The result will be a penumbral lunar eclipse, causing a subtle change in the moon's light.

Observers may notice shading on the lunar surface, according to EarthSky.

The eclipse will be visible with the naked eye, but a telescope or stargazing binoculars may enhance the view.

The moon will miss moving through Earth's umbra, making this the deepest penumbral eclipse until 2042.

Total lunar eclipses occur when the moon moves through Earth's dark central umbral shadow.

The next total lunar eclipse, often called a "blood moon," won't happen until March 13 to March 14, 2025.