Wind Power Under Siege: The Battle for a Clean Energy Future

Wind Power Under Siege: The Battle for a Clean Energy Future

Wind energy holds the key to the Democrats' climate-change goals. Thousands of families in New York anticipate electricity from an offshore wind farm.

The long-promised benefits of offshore wind farms face an existential crisis. Recent obstacles threaten the Northeast's ambitious wind power plans.

Projects in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are delayed and in jeopardy due to subsidy denials. The dream of harnessing Atlantic Ocean winds is slipping away.

New York aims for nine gigawatts of offshore wind power, part of President Biden's plan to create 30 gigawatts of offshore wind nationwide by 2030.

An about-face in New Jersey as Orsted, a major developer, backs out of two projects, undermining the region's green energy aspirations.

New Jersey's governor faces scrutiny as environmental credibility wavers. Wind power's high costs and political commitment spark a contentious debate.

Republicans and Democrats clash over the offshore wind rush. Critics call it too costly, while supporters fight to push forward with wind power.

Jersey Shore residents, fishermen, and whale deaths add to the growing tension. Residents question the true cost of offshore wind development.

New York's Governor Hochul sets her sights on renewable energy, with offshore wind playing a pivotal role in her ambitious clean energy plans.

Requests for increased subsidies and disruptions in the supply chain threaten wind farm projects. New York must protect customers and achieve clean energy goals.

As wind power faces delays and increased costs, the path to renewable energy becomes uncertain. Can wind energy overcome the obstacles in its way?