US government accused of funding kills of endangered animals

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A coalition of animal welfare and Indigenous groups is accusing the US government of funding state-organized hunts of large, endangered predators, like gray wolves and grizzly bears.

The coalition says the government is simultaneously paying to protect endangered species while funding hunts that increase the likelihood of their extinction.

The group has petitioned the US Department of the Interior to develop rules to withhold money from state agencies that fund the hunts.

The petition says the hunts do little to boost prey populations and are more of a political and cultural issue than a conservation effort.

The Interior Department has not yet responded to the petition.

The coalition is calling on the government to crack down on "rogue states" that are carrying out the hunts.

They say the hunts are a threat to endangered species and undermine federal policy.

The hunts have no place in a civilized society!

The coalition is also calling for more research on the effects of predator kills on prey populations.

They say the current evidence suggests that the hunts do little to benefit prey populations.

Predators help to keep prey populations healthy by culling the weak and sick.

The coalition says the government has a responsibility to protect endangered species and should not be funding their slaughter.

They are urging the Interior Department to take action to stop the hunts and protect endangered predators.

The coalition says the hunts are a cruel and unnecessary way to manage wildlife and must be stopped.