Unveiling the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season: CSU Predictions

It's hurricane season, and CSU researchers have predicted an active one for the Atlantic.

Despite the presence of El Niño, above-average activity is expected.

Warm sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic provide more fuel for hurricanes.

Uncertainty remains regarding the exact strength of El Niño during the season.

CSU's Tropical Weather and Climate Research Team predicts 18 named storms for 2023.

Of those, nine are expected to become hurricanes.

Four major hurricanes with wind speeds of 111 mph or greater are anticipated.

The forecast is based on statistical models and historical data.

Stay informed and monitor reliable sources like the National Hurricane Center.

Create an emergency kit with essential supplies for you and your family.

Develop an evacuation plan and identify safe shelters in your area.

Secure your property by trimming trees and reinforcing doors and windows.

Review your insurance coverage to ensure it includes hurricane damage.

Consider flood insurance if you live in a high-risk area.

Remember, it only takes one storm to make a significant impact.

Stay proactive, prepared, and resilient throughout the hurricane season.

Remember, being prepared and informed is crucial during the hurricane season. Stay safe and be proactive in protecting yourself and your loved ones.