The Wolverine's Fight for Survival: Can They Make a Comeback?

The Wolverine's Fight for Survival: Can They Make a Comeback?

Wolverines, the largest terrestrial member of the mustelid family, are a symbol of wildness in the American West.

Wolverines disappeared from the contiguous US in the early 1900s due to poisoning and a decline in big game populations.

Thanks to environmental efforts, there are now around 300 wolverines occupying pockets of Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming.

However, the climate crisis and backcountry recreation threaten the snow-loving species.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service now faces a deadline to decide whether the species needs federal protections.

The debate over how much humans should support or intervene in the wolverine's future is coming to a head.

Some argue for re-establishment in remaining viable historical ranges like the mountains of Colorado and California.

Others say wait and let them wander.

Federal protections have long evaded the wolverine amid debate about how the climate crisis is impacting the species.

The past decade has seen intensifying debate over whether or not wolverines should receive help to recover.

Follow the journey of the wolverine and the fight for its protection in the face of climate change, backcountry recreation, and human intervention.

Let's work together to protect the wolverine's future and ensure its survival in the American West for generations to come.