The Rise of the French Bulldog

The Rise of the French Bulldog

The French bulldog has become America’s most popular breed, yet has never won the nation’s top dog show.

Winston, a Frenchie with NFL connections, is a finalist at this week’s Westminster Kennel Club show.

The breed’s popularity has surged due to its portrayal in media and pop culture, including TV shows, movies, and celebrity owners.

However, concerns about health, breeding ethics, and robberies have dogged the breed’s rise.

Frenchies have a history involving English lacemakers, the Parisian demimonde, and Gilded Age Americans.

They have easy-care coats, modest exercise needs, and a clown-like personality.

Frenchies are prone to breathing, eye, and other problems, leading veterinarians to worry about the breed’s health.

The British Veterinary Association has warned against buying flat-faced dogs, while the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association is discouraging their use in advertising.

Despite the concerns, Frenchies like Winston have shown their competitive edge in dog shows.