The New Normal: Climate Disasters and the Urgent Need for Action

The world is experiencing extreme weather events more frequently due to climate change.

These events are no longer rare occurrences but are becoming the new normal.

Weather disasters that cost more than $1 billion in damage are increasing in frequency.

The warming of the planet is causing a dizzying array of extreme weather events.

Americans need to shift to clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint to combat climate change, without any further delays.

Climate change is still a partisan issue in the United States, despite a majority of adults being concerned about it.

The shipping industry's greenhouse gas emissions need to be eliminated by as close to 2050 as possible.

Mountain regions will experience more extreme rainfall due to global warming, leading to hazards such as floods and landslides.

Human activity has had a significant impact on the planet's ecosystems and climate.

Irreversible, in most of the cases, it is believed.

Scientists are discussing whether to declare that Earth has entered a new interval of geologic time: the Anthropocene.

Urgent action is needed to combat climate change before it is too late.

Join us in the urgent need for action against climate change. Let's shift to clean energy and reduce our carbon footprint to combat global warming.