The Glen Canyon Institute's Bold Plan to Restore the Colorado River

The Glen Canyon Institute is a non-profit organization that has been working for over 20 years to restore the free-flowing nature of the Colorado River through Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon.

They believe that Glen Canyon Dam has had a number of negative environmental impacts, including the inundation of Glen Canyon, the degradation of water quality, and the disruption of fish migration.

They propose bypassing Glen Canyon Dam and redirecting the water stored in Lake Powell to Lake Mead. This would allow the Colorado River to flow freely again, which would have a number of benefits.

The restoration of the Colorado River would improve water quality, restore fish habitat, and reconnect the river to its floodplain.

It would also provide opportunities for recreation, tourism, and economic development.

Yes, natural resources do contribute towards economy!

The Glen Canyon Institute's proposal is bold, but it is also necessary to protect the Colorado River and its surrounding ecosystems.

They are working with a number of partners (American Rivers, The Wilderness Society and others) to make their vision a reality.

If successful, their work would be a major step forward in the fight against climate change and the preservation of our natural heritage.

The Glen Canyon Institute's work is important and inspiring. They are giving us hope for the future of the Colorado River and its surrounding canyons.

We can all do our part to support their work by learning more about their mission and getting involved in their efforts.

Together, we can help to restore the Colorado River and protect this precious natural resource for generations to come.