TEMPO: NASA's New Tool to Help Us Breathe Easier

NASA's TEMPO mission has released its first data maps, revealing air pollution patterns across North America.

TEMPO's space-based instrument captures data on major air pollutants, providing detailed information on pollutant concentrations.

This data can be used to evaluate health impacts, create neighborhood-scale air pollution maps, and inform decision-making.

TEMPO's data has far-reaching implications for understanding disparities in air quality within communities.

By collaborating with partner agencies, TEMPO supports the monitoring and forecasting of air quality.

Decision-makers can leverage this data to devise effective strategies for improving air quality and mitigating the associated health risks.

TEMPO's first pollution maps showcase concentrations of nitrogen dioxide gas, revealing pollution hotspots around cities and major transportation routes.

These visualizations provide a glimpse into TEMPO's capabilities and will be instrumental in approximately 50 planned scientific studies.

The TEMPO mission is a collaboration between NASA and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (Massachusetts).

It complements other air pollution monitoring systems worldwide, forming a virtual constellation of monitors for the Northern Hemisphere.

TEMPO represents a groundbreaking leap in monitoring air pollution over North America.

Expect a lot better air quality, yes you should!

With its space-based instrument, TEMPO provides crucial data that can inform decision-making, enhance pollution studies, and improve our understanding of air quality disparities.