2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season: Above-Average Activity Expected with Warmer Atlantic Waters and Developing El Niño

As the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season approaches, experts are predicting above-average activity due to warmer Atlantic waters and a developing El Niño.

Here's everything you need to know to stay safe during hurricane season.

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Slightly above-average activity for the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season with 17 named storms, nine hurricanes, and four major hurricanes is predicted.

The Atlantic Ocean is currently (and unprecedently) very warm, with temperatures that feel more like August than June.

If other factors are equal, the deeper and warmer ocean water is, the stronger a hurricane can become.

Another significant factor in the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is the developing El Niño, which can bring strong shearing winds.

El Niño hurricane seasons often see stronger shearing winds over at least the Caribbean Sea and some adjacent parts of the Atlantic Basin.

It is essential to prepare for hurricane season, as even a single storm can be destructive or devastating.

Develop an emergency plan, create an emergency kit, secure your home, and have a plan for evacuation.

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, make sure to stay informed about hurricane preparedness and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your property.

To stay safe in a hurricane, follow evacuation orders, stay indoors during the storm, and avoid flooded areas.

The effects of hurricanes can include high winds, heavy rain, storm surges, flooding, and landslides, which can cause extensive damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

We cannot prevent hurricanes, but we can take steps to prepare for them and minimize their impact.

By doing so, we can minimize the impact of these potentially destructive storms.

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season is unpredictable, but by staying informed and prepared, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from potential danger.

Stay safe during hurricane season and don't forget to create your emergency plan and kit.