Surviving California's Deadly Rivers This Summer

As temperatures soar in California, many residents head to the rivers to cool off. But this year, the normally tame rivers have turned into deadly, raging torrents.

At least 18 people have unfortunately died or been lost in rivers so far this year which is quite alarming.

The fast-moving flows of the rivers in California this year have been deemed so dangerous that some local officials have restricted access to the water.

Firefighters and swift-water rescue experts have advised visitors to take precautions.

Even if you are a strong swimmer, it's best to avoid swimming in any Sierra-fed rivers this summer.

The force of the water is like relentless speeding traffic, and the water is cold enough to stun a human body within seconds.

It's important to wear a life jacket, and make sure your children are wearing them too, when near the river.

Never tether yourself or a pool toy to trees or other stationary objects on the shore.

Watch children closely and never let them wade into the water.

It's also important to know where you can get a cellphone signal, as many campgrounds and river beaches are in remote areas where cell service may be patchy or nonexistent.

Consider going to a lake instead of a river to cool off this summer.

A life vest can help keep you from being sucked under if you fall in.

The record-breaking snowpack in the Sierra Nevada has not only transformed rivers but has also replenished lakes and reservoirs that had dipped to low, during the past few years of drought.

Stay safe while enjoying the summer in California! Follow expert tips and wear a life jacket near rivers. Consider going to a lake instead.