Breaking News - Ipoh Hit by Flash Floods In a sudden turn of events, several areas in Ipoh were inundated by flash floods following a relentless downpour.

Fire and Rescue Department the equipment and strategies employed by the Fire and Rescue Department to navigate the flooded areas and rescue those in need.

Civil Defence Force Speaks Out  Explore Civil Defence insights on flash floods: swollen rivers, overflowing drains, and the community's challenges in depth.

Unraveling the Aftermath  Shift the focus to Taman Cempaka, where the flash flood occurred after two hours of rain

Rush Hour Woes - Massive Traffic Zoom in on the impact of the flash floods on Jalan Kuala Kangsar and Jalan Lahat.

Community Resilience and Urgent Calls for Mitigation As the waters recede, the community reflects on the need for expedited flood mitigation projects. Urgent calls for sustainability emphasize

Rebuilding Ipoh: A Community United  Highlighting community resilience: initiatives, recovery, and lessons learned. Emphasize the need for a more resilient, eco-friendly city.