Smoke from Canadian Wildfires Affects Over 120 Million Americans

Smoke from Canadian Wildfires Affects Over 120 Million Americans

Over one-third of the US population, more than 120 million people, is currently under air quality alerts due to smoke from Canadian wildfires.

The smoke has swept across several states, from the Midwest to the East Coast, prompting officials to urge the public to take safety precautions.

Air quality alerts have been issued for entire states like New York, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Delaware, and Maryland.

Parts of Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina are also under air quality alerts.

The smoke carries PM2.5 particulate matter, which can cause respiratory illnesses and other health problems when inhaled.

Several US cities, including Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and Davenport, Iowa, have reported very unhealthy air quality levels.

The smoke has also caused road closures and event cancellations in the Northeast and Midwest regions.

If under an air quality alert, it's important to stay indoors with your air conditioning running, or wear N95 masks if you have to be outside.

Some states have started distributing N95 masks to the public, with New York City being one of them.

The smoke from Canadian wildfires is the worst recorded fire season, with over 250 out-of-control wildfires reported by the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre.