Preparing for the Unpredictable: New Orleans Water Board's Master Plan

Saltwater intrusion, once a rare concern, now poses frequent challenges to New Orleans due to climate change.

The Sewerage and Water Board is tackling the threat of saltwater contaminating local drinking water supplies.

The new water quality master plan will encompass solutions for saltwater intrusion, climate change impacts, and EPA guidelines.

Officials are strategizing to modernize their century-old power facility and potentially connect to the local grid.

The plan will include measures to comply with EPA guidelines for lead, copper, and harmful "forever chemicals" like PFAS.

Completing the master plan will take up to two years, but immediate actions can be taken as needed.

What are the solutions, then?

Possible solutions for saltwater intrusion include desalination technology and relocating intake points.

Jefferson Parish's 15-mile temporary pipeline serves as a successful precautionary measure against saltwater intrusion.

While the immediate threat to New Orleans' drinking water has subsided, lower Plaquemines Parish communities still face water quality challenges.

Collaboration and preparedness are essential in safeguarding water quality amid ongoing threats.

New Orleans is gearing up to meet new challenges and ensure safe drinking water for its residents.