Norovirus on the Rise: The Northeast Feels the Bite

Norovirus on the Rise: The Northeast Feels the Bite

Just a few norovirus particles can knock you out, and the Northeast is feeling the brunt of it this winter.

While the "stomach flu" isn't influenza and not always from "bad" food, contaminated food and water can spread it.

The Northeast is leading the way with positive tests exceeding 13% since late January.

That's higher than other parts of the US, but thankfully lower than last year's peak.

While the nation hovers around 10%, the West isn't far behind with a 12% positivity rate.

Norovirus is a sneaky bug.

It clings to surfaces for days, and you can even spread it after feeling better for up to two weeks!

Contaminated food, especially oysters, can also harbor the virus. Just this December, a sushi restaurant outbreak sickened over 240 people.

Most cases clear up within days, but stay hydrated! There's no specific treatment, but plenty of fluids are your best bet to avoid complications.