In 2023, nature's retaliation is a growing theme. After orcas rammed boats, now javelinas, pig-like creatures from the Southwest, are in the spotlight.

A video posted on X shows javelinas causing havoc on a Sedona golf course, leading to significant grass damage.

The post goes viral, with over 24 million views, as the internet cheers "team javelina" for fighting against an elite golf club.

Golf courses, catering to the wealthy, have a substantial environmental footprint, replacing natural habitats and consuming excessive water.

Javelinas, or collared peccaries, are native to the Southwest, even though they arrived in the Arizona desert relatively recently.

These creatures thrive alongside human communities, scavenging food, and water where they can find it, even digging up roots and tubers.

Human expectations of wildlife not utilizing resources on a golf course seem unrealistic, given that javelinas adapt to human environments.

Rapid urbanization has led to the loss of natural landscapes, pushing animals like javelinas to rely on artificial resources for survival.

There's a growing disconnect between humans and nature, shifting from coexistence to competition for resources.

To preserve biodiversity and coexist with wildlife, we must learn to share the planet and avoid blaming animals for human-induced environmental issues.

As we encroach on their habitats, it's only fair to consider that humans bear a significant responsibility in preserving nature and harmonizing our shared world.