Montana's Flathead Lake Faces Record Low Water Levels

Montana's Flathead Lake Faces Record Low Water Levels

Flathead Lake, located in Montana, is facing a water crisis as its levels continue to fall below the record low.

Multiple weather-related events have contributed to this, including below-average snowfall, unseasonably warm conditions in the spring, and below-average rainfall during the summer.

The declining water levels have raised concerns for Montana's businesses, particularly small businesses such as farmers and marina owners.

Farmers require water to irrigate their crops, and low water levels can make it difficult to keep boats in the water.

Marina owners have already been affected, as they cannot keep boats in the water at such low levels.

These agricultural and outdoor recreation jobs are the backbone of Montana's economy, making it critically important to act quickly to save them.

Senator Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat, sent a letter to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation about the lake's low levels, citing concerns about public safety, small businesses, and local farmers.

Tester urged the bureau to act quickly to address the issue, which could drop to as much as 22 inches below pool levels in the coming days.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Department stated that water managers and dam operators across the West are working to maintain healthy streamflow and lake and reservoir levels.

As Montana's businesses and politicians wait for a solution, the Flathead Lake's declining water levels continue to pose a significant threat to the state's economy and environment.

Let's take action to save Montana's economy and environment by addressing the declining water levels in Flathead Lake.