Hazy Skies: Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Drifts into Western New York

Hazy Skies: Smoke From Canadian Wildfires Drifts into Western New York

Smoke from uncontrolled wildfires in Canada has drifted south and caused hazy skies in WNW. The smoke has reached a level that can be considered unhealthy.

According to meteorologists, this is the lowest visibility he can recall in a weather event not related to rain, snow, or fog.

The air quality index (AQI) was up to 160 at noon in Rochester, indicating unhealthy air for anyone breathing it at the time.

Most of the wildfire smoke originates from Quebec, and the sustained northerly wind flow is helping to pull the smoke south.

The thick pocket of smoke crossing Lake Ontario into Western New York is visible in satellite images.

Unfortunately, the smoke and haze are expected to stick around through Wednesday due to a stalled weather pattern in the area.

If you plan to spend time outdoors, check the AQI before heading outside, and avoid being outdoors during times when the air quality is poor.

As the smoke clears out and air quality improves in Western New York, it's important to remember the impact that wildfires and climate change have on our environment and health.

By making sustainable choices and taking action to reduce our carbon footprint, we can help protect our planet for future generations.

To reduce your carbon footprint, you can consider taking actions such as reducing your energy consumption, using public transportation or carpooling, recycling, and eating a plant-based diet.

These actions can have a positive impact on the environment and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

As we wait for the smoke to clear out of Western New York, it's important to stay informed and take action to protect our health and our planet.

The cold front expected on Thursday morning should sweep the atmosphere clean and bring a chance for a few brief rain showers as well.