Green groups sue Utah over Great Salt Lake, saying farmers are drying it up

The Great Salt Lake is a vital part of the ecosystem in Utah, but it is facing an ecological collapse.

The lake is shrinking due to a number of factors, including upstream water diversions for farming and climate change.

A group of environmental groups is suing the state of Utah, saying it is not doing enough to save the lake.

The groups say the state is allowing too much water to be diverted for farming, and that this is causing the lake to shrink.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction that would force the state to come up with a comprehensive plan to prevent the lake from drying up.

The state has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is a sign of the growing urgency of the situation facing the Great Salt Lake.

If the lake dries up, it would have a devastating impact on the environment and the economy of Utah.

The lawsuit is a call to action for the state and the federal government to take steps to save the lake.

The future of the Great Salt Lake is uncertain, but the lawsuit is a hopeful sign that there are people who are fighting to save it.

Question: What can be done to save the Great Salt Lake?

Answer: There are a number of things that can be done to save the Great Salt Lake. These include:

– Reducing water diversions for farming. – Investing in conservation measures. – Adapting to climate change. – Raising awareness about the importance of the lake.

The lawsuit is a step in the right direction, but it is only one part of the solution. The state, the federal government, and the public all need to work together to save the Great Salt Lake.