Fueling Progress: The Battle Over US LNG Exports Unveiled

LNG (liquefied natural gas) is super-chilled natural gas shipped in tankers, fueling homes & industries far from pipelines.

API and industry groups unite in a letter, urging the Biden administration to reject calls halting permits for US LNG export facilities.

The plea emphasizes the critical role of US LNG in national security, job creation, and supporting European allies while contributing to global climate goals.

The letter warns that pausing new LNG export approvals would strengthen Russian influence, contradicting President Biden's commitment to energy security.

US LNG played a crucial role in helping Europe during an energy crisis, and Eurogas President urges the US not to trigger price volatility with policy-driven LNG shortages .

The Biden administration pledged additional US LNG volumes for Europe, promising significant economic benefits and job support.

Benefits include US$63 billion in capital expenditures, a GDP boost of US$46 billion, and support for 71,500 jobs annually from 2025-2030.

Slowing US LNG export approvals jeopardizes global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with the US leading in CO2 reductions through fuel switching.

Throttling down US LNG exports could force developing nations to abandon emission reduction plans and increase reliance on coal.

The administration extends LNG permitting processes, and any additional changes would add unnecessary burdens to an already lengthy process.

The industry supports allies and emissions goals but insists that geopolitical and climate benefits require a stable regulatory regime.

Will political pressure dictate the fate of LNG projects and terminals, or will the administration hold firm?

Only time will tell!