Decoding Diplomacy: The U.S. Stance on Fossil Fuels Unveiled at COP28

At COP28, John Kerry discloses the U.S. supports a 'largely' phased-out approach to fossil fuels.

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Kerry emphasizes the necessity of aligning actions with scientific recommendations to address climate change.

While advocating for a fossil fuel phaseout, he acknowledges the need for carbon capture technology in certain industries.

Small island nations emphasize the urgency of a fossil fuel exit, framing it as a matter of survival against rising seas.

Germany and other European nations prioritize a fossil fuel phaseout, setting a bold goal for COP28.

Oil-producing states, led by Saudi Arabia, resist any gradual reduction, protecting their economies built on oil and gas.

U.N. rules mandate unanimous approval for climate agreements, enabling a single nation to veto proposed deals.

Past climate deals avoided explicit mentions of 'fossil fuels,' making any agreement in Dubai historic.

Negotiations encounter hurdles as Saudi Arabia and Arab nations block island nations' efforts to include a fossil fuel phaseout in the agreement.

Kerry stresses the urgency of emissions reduction, affirming that phasing out fossil fuels is essential to achieve global climate targets.