Colorado River Drought Task Force: A Race Against Time

Colorado River Drought Task Force: A Race Against Time

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The Colorado River Drought Task Force faces an impending deadline to address the state's water challenges, but progress has been slow and contentious.

Dwindling water resources and climate change impact the Colorado River Basin, prompting the need for swift policy solutions.

Task force members are grappling with fundamental questions, including how public discussion may affect Colorado's position in negotiations over the river's future.

Created by the Colorado General Assembly, the task force aims to tackle critical issues in the Colorado River Basin, which supports ecosystems and millions of people.

Progress has been measured as the group navigates through various water-management ideas, focusing on critical areas like infrastructure repair and funding opportunities.

Members emphasize guiding principles like "do no harm" and "Colorado first" but face challenges in defining when to conserve water and how to trigger water-saving actions.

As the task force reaches the midway point, they grapple with the complexities of water conservation, interstate negotiations, and jockeying among Native American tribes and Western states.

There's debate over whether now is the right time to discuss water conservation efforts or if the state should wait for finalized interstate rules.

The task force gears up for a critical drafting meeting in Glenwood Springs, hoping to provide solid recommendations that work for water users across the state.

The discussions may lead to a mix of policy changes, funding, local solutions, and federal changes, rather than one single piece of legislation.

Despite the challenges, task force members aim to build trust and provide well-thought-out recommendations for the legislature, paving the way for a sustainable future in Colorado.