Biden vs. Trump: The Battle for the Environment and Climate

Biden vs. Trump: The Battle for the Environment and Climate

As the 2024 US Presidential Election approaches, the environment and climate are top priorities for voters.

Joe Biden has a long history of advocating for environmental protection, and he's made climate change a top priority as President.

One of Biden's first actions as President was to rejoin the Paris Agreement, a global treaty aimed at limiting global warming.

Biden has proposed a $2 trillion plan to invest in clean energy and infrastructure, creating millions of jobs while reducing carbon emissions.

Biden has proposed new regulations to limit methane emissions from oil and gas operations, a major contributor to global warming.

Biden has taken steps to protect public lands and waters, including reinstating protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Donald Trump's environmental record has been widely criticized, with numerous rollbacks of environmental regulations and withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

During his presidency, Trump opened up vast areas of public lands to oil and gas drilling, including parts of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Trump promoted the use of fossil fuels and sought to revive the struggling coal industry while denying the reality of climate change.

Based on their records, it's clear that Biden is the better candidate for the environment and climate in the 2024 US Presidential Election.

The future of the planet is at stake in this election, making it more important than ever to elect a leader who will take bold action to protect the environment and combat climate change.