Battling the Flames: A French Firefighters' Journey in Canada's Wildfires

The 2023 wildfire season in Canada has been the worst on record, with over 400 wildfires burning across the country.

A team of French firefighters arrived in Quebec to assist nearly 1,000 Canadian firefighters and soldiers.

The French firefighters were greeted by fires that were 100 times bigger than any they had ever seen.

The conifers in Canada's boreal forest have a combustibility that the French team had never encountered.

Fighting fires in Canada often means letting them burn, especially in thinly populated areas, and trying to stop them from spreading.

The French firefighters had to adapt to a landscape whose scale left them in awe, adopting a defensive posture by suppressing embers in charred areas next to intact ones.

The French firefighters converged on Obedjiwan, a hot spot about 400 miles north of Montreal by road, to fight several immense fires that had been left alone.

The French firefighters adopted a long-game strategy, fending off fires that could come back to life in the coming summer heat.

The wildfires have destroyed several cabins belonging to residents of Obedjiwan, representing life on ancestral lands for Indigenous communities.

The loss of these cabins has been a significant blow to the community, but they remain determined to rebuild in the same place.

The French firefighters' experience highlights the importance of adapting to a different landscape and adopting a long-game strategy when fighting wildfires.

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