Algae Blooms in Colorado: Stay Safe Outdoors

Algae Blooms in Colorado: Stay Safe Outdoors

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Colorado's peak algae bloom season demands caution. Learn how to protect yourself and enjoy the outdoors with these essential tips.

Algae blooms are natural occurrences fueled by high temperatures and nutrients in water. Blue-green algae can produce harmful toxins, so it's important to be aware of their presence.

Recognizing Algae Blooms

Harmful algae blooms often appear as greenish or bluish paint-like layers floating on the water's surface. If you see this, avoid direct contact and take necessary precautions.

Locations Most Affected

Some of the most affected areas include Barr Lake, Cherry Creek Reservoir, Road Canyon, and Deweese Reservoirs.

Blue-green algae can pose health risks to humans and pets. Avoid swimming, paddle boarding, or allowing your pets to enter waters with visible algae blooms. If exposed, rinse off immediately.

Monitoring and Updates

Stay informed about water conditions and updates from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Regular monitoring ensures your safety during the algae bloom season.

While some water activities may be restricted, you can still enjoy Colorado's outdoors. Explore hiking trails, go camping, or visit non-affected areas for boating and fishing.

Plan Your Adventure

Prepare for your outdoor adventure by checking for any advisories or closures. Pack essentials such as sunscreen, insect repellent, and plenty of drinking water.

Embrace Responsible Outdoor Behavior

Show respect for the environment and wildlife. Leave no trace, stay on designated trails, and follow guidelines to preserve the natural beauty of Colorado.

Explore Colorado's Natural Wonders

Venture into Colorado's breathtaking landscapes beyond reservoirs. Discover mountains, forests, and national parks while staying safe during the algae bloom season.

Share Your Experience

Inspire others by sharing your outdoor experiences and safety tips. Together, we can promote responsible enjoyment of Colorado's natural treasures.


By following safety guidelines and staying informed, you can navigate through Colorado's peak algae bloom season without compromising your outdoor adventures.