Dreaming of a White Christmas: The Impact of Climate Change on the Midwest

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Once upon a time, in the Midwest, Christmas was a magical time of year.

The snow would fall softly on the ground, and the treetops would glisten with a fresh coat of white.

Children would listen for the sound of sleigh bells in the snow, and families would gather around the fire to share stories and sing carols.

But that was a long time ago. Now, the snow is melting, and the treetops are bare.

Temperatures are expected to be above average across the United States as we approach Christmas.

This forecast is a 180-degree flip from the bitterly cold conditions we saw at the same time last year.

The source of the air gripping the U.S. this year is the mild Pacific as opposed to the Arctic region in late-December 2022.

Christmas Eve will feel like spring around the Great Lakes and East Coast, while Christmas Day will bring mild conditions to the Northeast and Midwest, and rain to the Mississippi Valley.

The sound of sleigh bells has been replaced by the hum of cars, and the fire has been replaced by the hum of air conditioners.

Christmas just isn’t the same anymore.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can still have a white Christmas, but we need to act fast.

We need to reduce our carbon emissions and take care of our planet.

We need to make sure that future generations can experience the magic of Christmas, just like we did.

So this Christmas, let’s make a promise to ourselves and to each other.

Let’s promise to do everything we can to protect our planet and preserve our holiday traditions.

Let’s make sure that the treetops continue to glisten, and the children continue to listen for the sound of sleigh bells in the snow.

Let’s make sure that Christmas is magical for generations to come.

We must work towards mitigating climate change, and reducing our carbon footprint!