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Personal Water Footprint

Personal Water Foot Print

Your individual water footprint is equal to the water required to produce the goods and services consumed by you. Please take your time and feel free to use the extended water footprint calculator developed by the researchers at UNESCO-IHE to assess your own unique water footprint. The calculations are based on the water requirements per unit of product as in your country of residence.
Note: put decimals behind a point, not a comma (e.g. write 1.5 and not 1,5).

Country of residence
Food consumption
Cereal products (wheat, rice, maize, etc.) kg per week
Meat products kg per week

Dairy products

kg per week
Eggs number per week
How do you prefer to take your food?
How is your sugar and sweets consumption?
Vegetables kg per week
Fruits kg per week
Starchy roots (potatoes, cassava) kg per week
How many cups of coffee do you take per day? cup per day
How many cups of tea do you take per day? cup per day
Domestic water use - indoors  
How many showers do you take each day? number per day
What is the average length of each shower? minute per shower
Do your showers have standard or low-flow showerheads? Standard shower head
  Low flow shower head
How many baths do you have each week? number per week
How many times per day do you brush your teeth, shave or wash your hand? number per day
Do you leave the tap running when brushing your teeth and shaving? Yes
How many loads of laundry do you do in an average week? times per week
Do you have a dual flush toilet? Yes
  No flushing. Use eco-toilet.
If you wash your dishes by hand how many times are dishes washed each day? number per day
How long does the water run during each wash? minute per wash
If you have a dish washer, how many times is it used each week? number per week
Domestic water use - outdoors  
How many times per week do you wash a car? number per week
How many times do you water your garden each week? number per week
How long do you water your garden each time? minute per watering
How long per week do you spend rinsing equipment, driveways, or sidewalks each week? minute per week
If you have a swimming pool what is its capacity? cubic meter
How many times per year do you empty your swimming pool? number per year
Industrial goods consumption  
What is your gross yearly income? (Only that part of income which is consumed by you). US$ per year
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